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Pudong Mixed Use Tower | Shanghai, China

Studio Hina Jamelle | Fall 2014 | Pratt Institute | New York | U.S.A.

Project By: Milad Showkatbakhsh, James Moldolando

Pudong mixed use tower

The design process started with studies of natural transformational systems in biological organisms. The purpose of this diagram is to illustrate the natural transformational system to a diagram which carries the attributes of the original system. In this case, original system is the transformation of egg to frog.




The focus of this building is all about attribute driven spaces that split open as the program changes vertically. This mixed use 45 story tower is a product of studies on units. Each unit transforms from an enclosed surface based model to a skeletal and more structural unit. Correlated with our units which transform accordingly from open spaces, serving as retail, to a gradient of enclosures and privacies that serve as offices and recreational spaces on the top floors. Inherent within the intelligence of our transformative system is a focus on the visually open aspects of our circulation (including our cores).From the ground floor up the occupants can see the negative space consistently recede as their eye moves to the top thus connecting our floor plates together.  
Unifying the project with the context is also another focus. The landscape offers public spaces while still serving as clear cues on where entrances are located, all acting as a terminus for the transformation


Image A is the south elevation, Image B is the north elevation Image C is the west elevation that can be seen from the river and Image D is the east elevation.

Looking from top floors down into the void in the nighttime

Looking from the top floors down into the void in the daytime

The main core of the project with four side attachments including different programs and functionality. The Spine like elements act as structural bracing and hold the whole building from outside.

Just like the gradient change in the formation of the building, There is a gradient change in the program along with the tower. It starts from commercial spaces then change into offices and finally become recreational spaces for both office users and public. Commercial spaces are highlighted pink, offices and temporary residences are highlighted yellow and recreational spaces are highlighted red.

Images A, B and C are exoskeleton skins that attached to the main core 




Tower at the daytime

Tower at the nighttime.




Image A shows the ground floor of the project. It mostly contains commercial spaces. Building atrium continues three floors down to the ground. Image B shows a typical middle floor, in this case, it is floor number 22. It shows the complexity of interior spaces and interwoven nature of the plan. Image C shows the section of the project.

Tower at the nighttime

As a mixed - use tower with recreational programs on top, It is important to pay attention to the night use of the tower. Based on the architect’s decision, the tower will be transformed into a recreational spot at the nights with respect to the offices. There are several and separate accesses to the recreational parts during the night time. 

The tower at the day time. as a regular function of the tower,  offices and recreational parts both are open.

Section of the project showing the interior and spatial relationships

During the daytime, employees enjoy their way to their offices and public can experience the atrium by their special elevator to the recreational part at the top of the tower.  

During the nighttime, the tower transforms into a complete recreational center and users experience a different type of the spaces. Lighting plays an important role in this transformation. 

Looking up from ground floor in the void in the daytime

Looking up from ground floor in the void in the nighttime

The aim of the project is to introduce a new type of work space. A work place where for both clients and employees of the offices is interesting and mysterious.

The project is interwoven to the site and its formal continuity continues to the landscape as well.

Pudong mixed-use tower

Project in the context of Pudong area

Tower at the nighttime

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