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Formation of a Dream

Formation of a dream is a series of digital art projects using digital photography and computer programming to visualize the physical reality in a surrealistic way. The collection aims to conceptualize the growth of the memories and the dreams of the physical reality through computer programming and image processing.

Chapter 1 

Soundtrack: The Far River by John Serrie 

Location: Liverpool Street Station, London, U.K.

Chapter 2 

Soundtrack: Rewind by Torpoise

Location: The Big Ben, London, U.K.

Chapter 3

Soundtrack: Dream by N U A G E S

Location: Inner Worlds

Chapter 3 | VR Version

Soundtrack: Dream by N U A G E S

Location: Inner Worlds

This video should be watched using YouTue application in your phone and a Google Cardboard or a similar product

Chapter 4

Soundtrack: Sergio Walgood - The Mind and Space

Location: Mind and Space

Chapter 4.5 | Intensification

Soundtrack: Deep House Tehran Lab #004

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

This is the final installation of AA Istanbul Visiting School 2018

Chapter 5 | Man O To

Soundtrack: NU - Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix)

Location: Unknown

Chapter 6 | "What you are seeing and hearing right now, is nothing but a dream"

Soundtrack: Matthew Dekay 'The Four Agreements (Martin Roth Beats Edit)

Location: Cosmos

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