Elementary School | Manhattan, New York, U.S.A

Studio James Garrison | Spring 2013 | Pratt Institute | New York | U.S.A.

Project By: Milad Showkatbakhsh

Impressions formed during a student’s elementary school years can last a lifetime. As an architect, my design principles is to create buildings that spark the imagination and foster an enduring love of learning.My design takes into account the uniqueness of the elementary school experience. The size and scale of the building, as well as the types of interior finishes, must engage students on their own level. The media center should support storytelling and hands-on activities, in addition to research. Addressing these issues, along with the appropriate integration of technology and community use spaces, can create a truly exceptional elementary school design.

Bellow images from A to F are showing the first-floor plan to the roof plan. 







Elementary school

There is a tree-like structure holding the floor plates. The employment of this type of structure is due to two reasons, first to opening up the floor plans and give more flexibility to the interior of the project second to give the impression of a tree house to the students.

Interior of the project




I used tree structure system to eliminate columns form the building for maximizing open space and make it flexible for interior spaces. Image A and B are showing the front view and the side view of the structure.


The mass of the project is generally divided into three big sections according to image D and the center part is divided into three smaller components as it is shown in image C.

Side corridors of the project

Physical model

This is the text describing the picture

Physical model of the project emphasizes on the interior as well as facade of the project and their formal relationship.

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