Milad is a self-motivated and contributing designer and researcher. He holds BSc. In Architectural Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University, school of architecture in Tehran, Iran, and Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute school of architecture in New York, the U.S.A. where he graduated with Sidney Katz award for design excellence in 2015. Milad is currently a Doctoral candidate at the Architectural Association researching under the directorship of Dr. Michael Weinstock. Milad has been working and collaborating with different architecture and design studios in Tehran, New York, Washington, Shanghai, London as a computational design specialist. Milad was the project lead at Contemporary Architecture Practice (CAP) - Ali Rahim and Hina Jamelle where he has led several different architectural projects across a range of scales from 2015 to 2016. Alongside practicing architecture, he has been a fellow researcher in different computer-aided design research projects which were culminated as published papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, posters and digitally fabricated installations. Milad has been actively teaching algorithmic thinking and computational strategies since 2010 in the forms of workshops and highly specialized classes. He was a teaching assistant at Pratt Institute for advanced computational courses and design studios. Milad is Studio Master at Emergent Technologies and Design post-graduate program at the Architectural Association. Among many professional and academic activities, He is the Co-Founder and Co-Developer of ‘Wallacei’, an evolutionary multi-objective optimization engine with an embedded analytic engine and machine learning algorithms that allows users to have full control over their optimization problems in Grasshopper 3D. Milad’s current research focuses on the application of homeostatic principles in biology within architectural design processes and the correlation of such principles with evolutionary development and morphogenesis of species.  

Architecture, Design, Computation, Milad, Code, Pratt, AA, Grasshopper, Maya, Python


This section includes Milad's academic works from 2007 to the present. It includes a series of selected works from his undergraduate studies in architecture, his projects in master studies and his current works in the Ph.D. studies.

Architecture, Design, Computation, Milad, Code, Pratt, AA, Grasshopper, Maya, Python


This section includes professional and academic works Milad has done in different offices and institutions. This section will update frequently as Milad collaborates with different architecture and design offices and academic institutions around the world.

Architecture, Design, Computation, Milad, Code, Pratt, AA, Grasshopper, Maya, Python


This is a growing section where includes works in which Milad explores different computational techniques in order to make a piece of art or an architectural project. Every project has its own objectives which he tries to achieve through different computational methods. 

Architecture, Design, Computation, Milad, Code, Pratt, AA, Grasshopper, Maya, Python


This is a section where Milad has included whatever he does in his free time. From digital photography, conceptual sketches, digital illustrations etc. Artworks in this section will be purchasable in the format of framed pictures soon. 

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