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Using Parametric and Complex Geometries of Seashells to Realize and Construct an Organic Architectural Space | Tehran, Iran

Critic: Saeed Faridani | Summer 2012 | Shahid Beheshti University | Tehran | Iran

Project By: Milad Showkatbakhsh, Pouria Ameri, Anahita Erris, Aida Montaser Koohsari

The purpose of this research is to analyse complex geometrical forms found in seashells through mathematical formulation, and to use their potentials in architectural design through generative modelling. In this project ,seashells are modeled by defining a special parametric spiral curvature using Grasshopper software. By changing the values of the parameters involved in the model, a variety of seashell forms are generated. For the ease of construction and to create an architectural space, the bivalve's seashells structure was chosen as the final model. Finally , by changing the involved parameters and introducing a new set of parameters , a pavilion was designed and constructed.​

Architecture, Design, Computation, Milad, Code, Pratt, AA, Grasshopper, Maya, Python, Milad Showkatbakhsh, Digital, Render, Computational Design, Architecture School, Architect
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