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Twitter Data Routes | 

Critic: Alexander Barker | Fall 2014 | Pratt Institute | New York | U.S.A.

Project By: Milad Showkatbakhsh, James Maldonado​

With today's current technology a significant source of trending news is brought to our attention through social media applications such as Twitter.  Utilizing a plugin with grasshopper for Rhino that maps out tweet locations within the NYC area our team has created a means of mapping out how news travels through social media.  Through the interactive application information can be queried such as the tweets’ user’s name, the time of the tweets, the description of the tweets and the number of the followers. Along with this information, the application is capable of mapping out the best routes on how to travel by car, walking or bicycle to other tweet locations.  The map updates live information as the person using the application types in a hashtag to query information for.  Examples may include topics such as local current events.  Through the live maps, the observer is given a chance to analyze how topics move across NYC and the comments behind them all while correlating with locations.  

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